About Us

We develope and sell RFID based
automated system solutions. We are specialist.


PickWay designs and manufactures dispensers that make the distribution of small goods more efficient.

The dispensers are placed close to the sites where the small goods are needed. This way, it is easy to pick the goods up and quickly take them into use. Many will benefit from automating the final meters of the logistics chain. The end customers value a reliable distribution chain, through which the goods are always available. Therefore, it is easy for the customer to commit to a long-term partnership with a supplier that utilises an automated storage solution.

PickWay designs and manufactures the dispensers together with its many partners.

Our Team

Jarmo Pöllänen
Product Manager
+358 50 300 0018

Oskari Saarinen

Antti Niemi

Vesa Muukka

Pekka Pöntiö
Chairman of the Board
+358 50 592 5080

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