scalable -LOCK

Manage and distribute articles in a smooth manner

Easy to use

The user logs in with their unique ID card and selects the locker he/she wishes to access. The control unit will then unlock the desired locker and record and update the user’s personal account.


Can be extended up to 32 supporting columns. Supporting columns compartments in different sizes.


Personal or generic compartments. Articles are dispensed one by one or selectable.

Around the clock access

The locker system provides a high level of service to users due to its 24 hour accessibility.

Track and trace

Operating frequency and statistics are available through a user friendly web-interface. This data can be exported for further analysis and enable inventory replenishment optimization.

product sheet

Dowload the full product sheet as PDF file.

Standard Components

  • Card reader
  • User interface

technical properties

  • Dimensions (mm): W=400 x D=400 X H=1800
  • Compartment dimensions:
    • Large: W=358 x D=400 x H=285
    • Small: W=358 x D=400 x H=145

installation requirements

  • Power supply:
    1P + N + PE 230V / 50Hz / 10A
  • Internet connection

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