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Walkthrough RFID portal

Automated inventory

The SmartRoom is an advanced RFID-based logistics system for inventory management in unmanned storage areas. This unmanned storage solution provides 24 hour access to work wear and equipment all year round.


Walkthrough gate

The SmartRoom is a patented walkthrough RFID portal which turns your dummy storage areas to a modern 24/7 delivery solutions.

Multiple Systems

Multiple SmartRooms in different locations can be connected as a cluster to the same network. User can access multiple SmartRooms in different storage areas, under the same system.

RFID Technology

RFID transponders can be attached in different ways which gives flexibility in the content of the storage area behind the SmartRoom. These unique RFID transponders provide real-time inventory and item status.

Easy Loading

Loading of items back into the storage area can be done via the SmartRoom. 

product sheet

Dowload the full product sheet as PDF file.

Standard Components

  • Card reader
  • Walkthrough gate
  • User interface

technical properties

  • Dimensions (mm): W=2070 x D=1210 X H=2386


installation requirements

  • Power supply:
    1P + N + PE 230V / 50Hz / 10A
  • Internet connection

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