Manage and distribute articles in a smooth manner


Keep control of equipments like gloves with our patented E-Spin.

Activating and installing E-Spin on industrial use is very fast and straightforward. Device is connected wirelessly to factory’s internal network. Intuitive and easy.

After selecting an equipment from the front panel console, the vacuum arm start to spin towards to current silo. There are 10 silos on each machine and size of them can be dynamically adjusted. Capasity of one E-Spin is about 1000 safety-gloves it only takes few minutes to load them from the front door. The genious sensitive touch of vacuum arm is aware of the state of shipping all the time so empty deliveries are not even possible. Everything is fast, robust and reliable.


Convert your vending machine to a smart machine by integrating the E-Vend.

The E-Vend will enable you to keep track of article purchases as well as allow for ”no-cash” transactions using a pre-determined credit.

The E-Vend works by integrating itself to the motherboard of the machine via MDB.

We help you to turn YOUR Vision into reality


Top Features

Keep control of your unique equipment. We got powerful tools for you.

With RFID solutions you gain a faster and safer production flow. Unify and streamline your ecosystem with our E-line products and services.

Around the clock access

Our products never sleep. You get a high level of service due to our 24/7 automated monitoring.  

Cost effective

Get a quick ROI with our products, as high as 70% savings are possible! Less wastage, on missing tools and time saved.

User friendly

Operating frequency and statistics are available through a user friendly web-interface. All this data can be exported for further analysis and enable inventory replenishment optimization.


Everything is connected at the GIP-web, and consumption can be seen in detailed view, all the way to individual level.

Deliver and monitor

We take care of locistical ecosystems and continuity. When assets are about to run out, the orders for a fresh delivery are automatically sent to the gear provider.


Taylored technology and smart storage solutions can be used on endless ways. Together we can bring a new way for your company to deliver and store.

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